Vitamin Multi Vitamin and Material Tablets Supplements with Calcium Iron Zinc

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Купить Планшетный Компьютер 8 Дюймов

1Bottle Vitamin Multi Vitamin and Material Tablet Supplements Bone Strength Strength General Health

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Питерский Императорский Фарфор Купить В Москве

1 Bottle Vitamin Multi Vitamin and Material Tablets Vitamin C E B1 B2 B6 Calcium Iron Zinc

Цена: 966.55 руб.


Управление Проектами Ускоренный Курс По Программе Mba Эрик Верзух Скачать

Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin Calcium Supplementing Balance Human Nutrition Freckle Remove Whitening Skin

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Lego Star Wars 75182 Боевой Танк Республики

3 Bottles Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin Calcium Supplementing Balance Human Nutrition Freckle Remove Whitening Skin

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Skil Multisaw 5330

Моющее средство Iv San Bernard Red Derma без лаурилсульфата для животных 300 мл

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Питер В Бретт Война С Демонами Книга 4 Трон Черепов

Сыворотка для лица мультивитаминная Holy Land Serum C THE SUCCESS, 30 мл

Цена: 3600 руб.


Мультивитаминная сыворотка Serum содержит настоящий коктейль важнейших для здоровья кожи витаминов (А, Е, F, Н, К, группы В), а также экстракты зеленого чая, мимозы, ромашки, хмеля, мелиссы, фенхеля. Serum подходит для всех типов кожи.

Macbook Розовое Золото

Unode50 Браслет «»‎ Unode50

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Широкий браслет из натуральной кожи с вплетёнными металлическими бусинами, покрытыми серебром.

Краткое Содержание Маркус И Девочки

Unode50 Колье «»‎ Unode50

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Удлинённое кожаное колье с металлическими элементами и жемчугом swarovski.

Детский Стол Оранжевый

Babyline Organic Baby sponge for washing and massage mineral complex,BabyLine, Baby Line, Babi Line, beybilayn, bebilayn, bebilain, beybilain, sponge for washing, bathing sponge, sponge bathing, sponge for washing, bat

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Отпариватель Цена В Екатеринбурге

Patrick Corsi Smart Decisions in Systems

Цена: 10498.36 руб.


Faced with ever-increasing complexity on a daily basis, the decision-makers of today are struggling to find the appropriate models, methods and tools to face the issues arising in complex systems across all levels of global operations. Having, in the past, resorted to outdated approaches which limit problem-solving to linear world views, we must now capitalize on complexities in order to succeed and progress in our society. This book provides a guide to harnessing the wealth inherent to complex systems. It organizes the transition to complex decision-making in all business spheres while providing many examples in various application domains. The authors offer fresh developments for understanding and mastering the global “uberization” of the economy, the post-modern management of computer-assisted production and the rise of cognitive robotics science applications.

Goh Vanessa SuLee Valued Nonlinear Adaptive Filters. Noncircularity, Widely Linear and Neural Models

Цена: 12446.57 руб.


This book was written in response to the growing demand for a text that provides a unified treatment of linear and nonlinear complex valued adaptive filters, and methods for the processing of general complex signals (circular and noncircular). It brings together adaptive filtering algorithms for feedforward (transversal) and feedback architectures and the recent developments in the statistics of complex variable, under the powerful frameworks of CR (Wirtinger) calculus and augmented complex statistics. This offers a number of theoretical performance gains, which is illustrated on both stochastic gradient algorithms, such as the augmented complex least mean square (ACLMS), and those based on Kalman filters. This work is supported by a number of simulations using synthetic and real world data, including the noncircular and intermittent radar and wind signals.